Recently, I posted about doing analysis on the text conversations with my ex-boyfriend in an attempt to understand our break-up, see post “Improving My Dating Life One Text Analysis at a Time “.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on it and one of the readers recommended a book called The Passion Trap. The book talks about how two people are never perfectly balanced in a relationship. By definition, there is always someone who is more in love with the other. What a successful relationship strives to do is to never let the imbalance go too far. …

A couple months ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. He told me that I texted too much and was too needy, so I decided to use data analysis to prove him wrong. To my dismay, there was no app that could help me analyze text messages easily. Hence, project bluetick, an open-source tool focusing on SMS analytics, was born. (Bluetick represents the checkmark one gets when the other party reads your message on Whatsapp). After finishing the project, I felt much better about the breakup. …

Louisa Lu

I am a financial quant strategist who loves all things tech!

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